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Bennetts - Low Cost Bike Insurance




We can carry out all routine Servicing and Maintenance to your motorcycle to help ensure full and, more importantly, safe operation. This will also help the re-sale value of your machine by keeping a stamped record of its Service History.


We can arrange low rate finance on all but the oldest bikes. The procedure is as simple as filling in one form, and an acceptance takes about 40 minutes. Buying a Motorcycle has never been so easy.


Realistic Insurance is equally simple, when you choose a machine from PlayBike. You needn't waste a morning trawling the MCN, then the afternoon on the phone to hordes of different companies for a quote. We can introduce you to very competitive cover in a matter of moments from a number of the best Insurers and Brokers in the Business, and you can even be quoted and have instant Low Cost cover right now by following the Bennetts Link so there'll be no delay in the acquisition of your new machine.

...Phone 0781 4976051 or email sales@playbike.co.uk for further details...