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6-Nov-2010 Well, it's now turned full circle here at PlayBike. We're returning back to our roots at Tarras near the Forres Enterprise Park where it all began in 1999. This move is motivated by a desire to concentrate more on selling lower volumes of carefully chosen Used Bikes, where the emphasis will very much be on Higher Quality, newer and lower mileage machines. Needless to say... Servicing, parts, tyres and minor repairs will continue, and so too will the enthusiastic provision of all the sound motorcycling advice for which we've become synonymous. A very big thank you is warranted to all our loyal customers whose continued support ensures moving forward with PlayBike Motorcycles in this manner is such a worthwhile endeavour.


27-Jan-2010 The severe winter weather here in Moray is proving reluctant to loosen its grip just yet, but Spring really is just a few short weeks away. After the big Winter layoff, get ready for those lengthening warm and sunny days with Servicing & Tyre Deals here at PlayBike... CALL FOR DETAILS!


20-Sep-2009 The Doctor is in the House... Here at PlayBike we know how important it is to understand the dynamics of riding a Motorcycle. So how about learning these finer points from none other than Valentino Rossi? Here's a film of The Doctor putting a new YZF-R6 through its paces... understand this, and your riding will never be the same again!


16-Sep-2009 Catch up with the very latest MotoGP & Superbike News, along with many other interesting motorcycling news articles and advice features. These constantly updated, up to the minute news streams will be always available right there on the PlayBike Homepage... all the very latest... as it happens!


14-Aug-2009 Seasons end is still a wee while away, so make the most out of the remaining time... do that track day... or that great route out with your mates you've been promising... You'll be kicking yourself in deepest darkest December if you don't!


02-Mar-2008 Here at PlayBike we've responded to an increasing demand for car tyres by many of our existing customers, by securing a superb deal with a major car tyre supplier. This tie up enables us to offer the best in performance car tyres alongside our existing great bike tyre deals...phone or email sales@playbike.co.uk for more details.


The Elgin Show was a great day out for all those involved. At the PlayBike stand, it was great to see so many of our existing customers out on their bikes and dropping by for a chat. It was also fantastic to welcome so much new interest in getting on two wheels by the public at large. Needless to say, by Sunday night I had lost my voice - good job I can still type!

The PlayBike Stand - Elgin Show


Remember, anything at all you need, from good advice, to a bike and all the kit - phone 0781 4976051 or email sales@playbike.co.uk to chat and perhaps pop over for a visit.

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