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Play The Game!


If you have an inkling to have a go on a track day, Knockhill is not too far down the road, and from as little as just 40 a session, there really is no excuse. You are guaranteed to enjoy yourself way beyond your expectations, while developing advanced skills that will prove invaluable in your road craft. Don't worry, set your own pace, and only start to push when you're ready too. You might think you will be intimidated by the quick boys (and girls) but trust me you won't; the atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed, so just remember, everyone was slow once! You'll probably end up getting hooked, and maybe even go on to do some racing, but one thing is for certain, your riding will never be the same again... suddenly the art of motorcycle control will no longer be a mystery, and you will have evolved into a much smoother faster version of you!

Here at PlayBike, we'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about track riding. Play Fast - Play Safe!

What It's All About!   Feeling My Way!

Track Riding - Great Fun, Lots To Learn!


 Coming Along Nicely


PlayBike's ARSE IXX has been the perfect tool for track antics. After a few visits to Knockhill we've cracked a sub 60 and getting quicker all the time.



Nearly There   Nipping On

Also done a few English circuits over the last few years, and Donington and Silverstone in particular were great fun. We're gonna make a bit more effort to do a few more next year, so if any local riders have similar plans, then give us a shout!

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Jammy Git!   End Of The Day - Face Say's It All!

Also managed a full day at Phillip Island on a borrowed CBR600. That's a half decent bike, 36C and the finest motorcycle track in the World - Fantastic!

Big Thanks to The Australian Superbike School, Garners Motorcycles & SDPICS.com


Try The Track... PlayBike!

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